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About Douglas Kent

I was born in Danbury, CT and relocated to the Dallas, TX area in 1994.  Aside from my stay in Pennsylvania as a guest of the U.S. Government, I’ve lived here ever since. I’ve always had an interest in writing.  Initially I spent most of my time writing satire or short stories, but eventually I decided that I couldn’t focus on fiction until I ran out of more personal things to say.  Despite promising my relatives for many years that I’d write the story of our childhood, I’ve managed to procrastinate by writing two other memoirs.  The first was “It’s Their House; I’m Just a Guest” which detailed my experience in the Federal prison system.  The second, “Helplessly Hoping.” tells the story of my first marriage and the numerous physical and mental illnesses my wife struggled to overcome. One of these days I *will* write the story of my siblings and our childhood…maybe that will come next? For the time being I will continue to live here in the Dallas, TX area with my black cats.